About Bread of Hope

Bread of Hope is a ministry of Victory Christian Fellowship Church of God in Fairdealing, MO.  Victory Christian Fellowship is a part of the Church of God based in Cleveland, TN.  The Church of God is a registered as a 501c3 organization   VCF was organized in 1987 as an independent church and in 1998 it merged with the Oxley Church of God and became part of the Church of God.  Since it’s founding, Victory Christian Fellowship has had a food ministry.  At first, it consisted of a small food pantry that served the people of Ripley County.  In the early 2000’s, VCF started working with a major discount food ministry to help people who did not qualify for food from the pantry. VCF made the choice to embrace the needs of the community and form its own identity, “Bread of Hope “.

It is the desire of Bread of Hope to serve the people God has put here. That level of service expanded recently when BOH contacted a major food wholesaler directly about providing food to BOH and area partners.  The response was overwhelming. The area partners decided to unite with BOH and God blessed. In February 2013, in just two weeks, BOH independently organized and distributed food to area partners and communities across four states.

Bread of Hope now packs and ships its’ boxes from Springfield, MO. This major distribution hub is centrally located for Ministry Centers in the heartland of the U.S. It allows us access to massive amounts of high-quality food and allows us to ship at very competitive rates. Bread of Hope currently ships to Ministry Centers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Our Mission is to partner with churches, companies and civic-minded Ministry Centers to provide families and individuals with affordable food and to make a difference in your community, one food box at a time.

Regardless of our income level, most of us are searching for value and money saving ideas to stretch our food dollars at home. The family food budget is one of the largest costs in a household. Our food boxes offer a unique solution to cutting household costs without sacrificing food quality.

Bread of Hope has a process of bulk purchasing and central distribution points which allow us to provide substantial savings to individuals and families with our food boxes.

These food boxes are not a hand-out but an opportunity for those who want to stretch their dollar. Our Boxes include only top quality food and may include beef, chicken, seafood, sometimes pork, vegetables, fruit.
Bread of Hope food boxes are offered through local Ministry Center locations – such as faith-based organizations and churches, companies, outreach or community action programs.

No income requirements
No membership fees
No pre-qualifications

If you eat you qualify, Blessings in a box, Making a difference, one box at a time.